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Monday, December 20, 2010

Alive and all is well

I know it's been yet another 2 weeks since I posted.  Sorry about that.  Know that for the most part all is well.  Everyone is doing fine physically, I'm just having a roller coaster emotional time right now with the holidays and the anniversary of the miscarriage and family and all the other wonderful stuff that comes with this time of year.  I have a post about it all that has been brewing for about a month in my drafts, but its not done yet, and that's part of why I haven't posted.  I keep thinking I'll finish it up and post it so I don't post something else, and its just not where I want it yet.  Once I finally get it don't I think you'll understand.

A bullet list update since my last post.
  • We drove 800 miles the weekend of December 10th - 12th to visit my mom and her husband.  That was an ....oh lets just say interesting....trip to say the least.  Time with mom was good, but her husband just doesn't get it.  We spent FAR too much much time in the car that weekend (30 hours total), and ended up driving back through the blizzard that hit the Midwest on the 12th.
  • Work has been absolutely INSANE!  I am SO looking forward to taking the week between Christmas and New Year's off to work on finishing the office and prepping the nursery for painting.
  • We are making great progress on finishing up the office.  All the painting is done, the trim is up, one desktop is all together, the other will be done tonight.  All we have left is to stain the desks (ok all A has left :-)) and put the legs on and then set it up!  I can't wait!  It will mean that I get my family room back!
  • We spent Saturday with my Dad's family for a Christmas brunch and then the evening back at dad's house.  It was an awesome relaxing time and it was just perfect. 
  • Yesterday I ended up having to transport a dog for the rescue group because the woman who was going to do it is VERY pregnant, and went into labor.  Unfortunately this put my total car time up to 9 hours for this weekend.  On top of last weekend and the work int he office, my back is SCREAMING at me today.
  • We FINALLY decided on Nursery Furniture!!! YEA!!!  Now as soon as the paining is done we can order it.  There's a matching crib and changing table, I just have to find a dresser and a bookcase in a similar color, which shouldn't be too difficult since it's all natural colored.  With all the dark paint we're using, I wanted light furniture.
  • I've decided I'm not going to divulge the theme of the nursery here until it's done, but just give you little teases as we work on it.  Those of you who know what it is, shhhhh no telling. 
That's all for now.  New pictures and a survey later in the week I promise!


  1. I can't wait to see pics!!! Glad you are overall feeling pretty well :)

  2. I wonder if there is anything new to blog about...


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