Bryan is Here!!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Well readers, we have a definite baby day.  I will be going in tomorrow evening at 8pm to be induced.  My BP has been ok, but now my liver enzymes and Bile Salts are elevated, and my OB feels that the risks of my staying pregnant are higher than the benefits.  I'm progressing slowly in dialation, up to 1.5-2cm and more effaced than last week (although he didn't give me a number), and the boy has dropped even more so probably a 0 station.  We're hoping to be able to start on the lowest dose of pitocin and keep it there for 6-8 hours and then see where we're at.  If we can jumpstart labor and then let it go on its own, we will.  I'm not counting on it, but keeping my fingers crossed that its at least a possibility.

Either way, its happening, and its happening this week!  TOMORROW!  We should have our little man here by Friday night.  I am surprisingly not really all that nervous or scared, just ready for it to be here.  We'll have the laptop and camera at the hospital with us, so hopefully I'll be able to update by Saturday.

Next time you hear from me, my baby boy will be here!!!


  1. yeah!!!! congratulations!! I can't wait to see him. You are going to do great!!

  2. Eeek!! Thinking of you!! So excited that you baby boy is almost here :)

  3. Cannot wait to meet the little guy!


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