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Monday, August 31, 2009

A Little History

I figure its best to start at the beginning. My husband (A) and I decided in September of 2007 that after 4 years of marriage we were ready to have a baby. I had been ready for about a year prior to that, but he wanted to wait a little longer. Some really good friends of ours had a 8 month old at that time and were expecting their second in late November, and I think that just kicked it for him. We had a cruise planned for January, and so I went off the pill in November to give my body a little adjustment period before we "officially" started trying. We had no luck jfor the first six months, even though I was having pretty regular cycles. In June 2008 I started monitoring my cycles more closely and tracking my temps. Betweem June and January of 2009, I only had 3 cycles, and only ovulated once that I am sure of. I went back to the doctor in January 2009, and we tried 4 cycles with clomid with no success. My regular OB/Gyn referred me to an RE, and just this week I had a laprascopy and hystersocopy. Everything looked good during the procedure, and I go back a week from Wednesday for my followup.
Its been a long journey so far, and its not over yet, but I'm optimistic about the future. We have a doctor with a plan and a next step. Hopefully soon it will lead to us having a little miracle of our own.

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