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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Holy Cow! Twice in one week! (now with Pictures)

I know its crazy, but I'm actually posting twice in the same week!  I'm sitting here watching the football game and really procrastinating putting away all the inside Halloween decorations, so what do I have better to do but blog?  :-)

I pulled a ton of pictures off the camera and moved everything from my computer to our external hard drive, but realized that I have over 300 pictures that need to be sorted and organized!! I couldn't believe how much we had been slacking on getting all this done!  So this is my big project for this week, sorting all these pictures.  But in the mean time, here's the pics I promised.

Pre Pregnancy

8 Weeks (on my birthday, an awful cell phone picture, and OMG was I BLOATED)

12 weeks

16 weeks (wow I need a haircut!)

I hosted a Thirty One catalog party in in October, and my order came in this week.  My SIL is a consultant, and I am just in LOVE with everything I have bought so far.  This time around I bought a new bag for work stuff, I've been bringing a lot more stuff back and forth to home lately, and I'm just sick of carrying it by hand.  And as we get into winter, I'm going to have to start wearing slip resistant shoes for walking through the parking lot, which means I'll be carrying my work shoes in.  All the more reason to have a big enough bag to carry it all in, keeps my hands free.  I also got several organizers to use with my crafting stuff, and I'm loving how much easier it is to find stuff!  As I use all of my new bags and purse, I think I'll do a little review of each on here.  SIL uses one as her diaper bag, and although I'm not fond of any of the current prints for that purpose, I'm hoping that I'll find one in the spring prints I like (out in February).  If your interested in looking at the catalog, checkout the site.  If you think you want to order, let me know and I'll get you hooked up with my SIL.

Other baby news, I'm on movement watch constantly right now.  I think I'm looking forward to that more than the anatomical scan right now.  Just that constant reminder that our little one is still in there and doing ok will do a lot to ease some of my worries I think.  I'm still doing really well in the weight gain area, only up 0.2 lbs since last week.  I'm trying to go back to my PCOS diet, slightly modified, as a way of keeping the dreaded Gestational Diabetes at bay.  I'm not back to avoiding ALL the blood sugar spiking foods, but I'm working really hard to keep it limited to one serving a day.  I can't even begin to tell you how much I missed baked potatoes!!! I also had banana for the first time in over a year and it was OH so good!  I got a pregnancy pillow last week...2nd hand but practically new, it's in the washer right now.  Hopefully that will help me sleep a little better.  Right now A is getting a little overwhelmed by all the pillows I have in the bed trying to get comfortable.  I think there was 5 on the bed this morning, all for me :-)


  1. Aww I can't see any pictures!!!

  2. Can't see the pictures :( but I know what you mean about the pillows. Even with "just" the pregnancy pillow hubby can't get anywhere near me!

  3. I posted this before I meant to sorry!!! They're up now.

  4. That's one gorgeous preggo mama! :-) Can't wait until you can feel strong, confident little flutters in there all time time!

  5. You are totally glowing, Nicole! Beautiful!!!
    P.S. I am sending you something soon - I am sorry I am such a delinquent!!!

  6. Look at you! Coming right along! :) Enjoy the second trimester, it is the BEST.


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