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Thursday, February 10, 2011

30 weeks

How far along: 30 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: (As of 01/04/11) +18.6, 223.6  I knew this was going to be dad.  I put on 8 lbs in the last 5 weeks!  EEK!  I have GOT to get back in the pool.
Maternity clothes: All maternity.  My tights came in and OMG they are SO comfortable!
Stretch marks: Actually staying pretty under control. Gotta love Palmer's cocoa butter.
Sleep: Hit or miss.  Most nights it's ok, but I'm up at least once except on RARE occasion.  Sometimes its because I have to pee, sometimes its because of the sciatica, and if I slip off of the pillow so my head isn't elevated, its because of heartburn.
Movement: Lots and lots and lots! He must be starting to get cramped in there though, it's starting to be uncomfortable at times.  It's too funny when I'm lying in bed at night snuggled up to A's back and he'll start going...A yells at him to go to sleep!
Cravings: OK I'm admitting it.  Mexican is my craving...and not even real Mexican, cheap generic American Mexican.  I have eaten more Taco Bell in the last 3 months than I have in probably 5 years.  We go to the Mexican restaurant in town (you know the place one of those cheap Mexican sit downs where the menus are all the same but its really fast and really good) at least 3 times a month.  Lots of Mexican...even chips and salsa does the trick at home in a pinch.
Aversions: Pretty much gone.  My love affair with food is back!  Just look at my weight gain can't you tell?
Gender: Team BLUE!!!!
Symptoms: Heartburn and Sciatica and in full force.  No new nose bleeds this week thankfully, but now that I know what appears to be triggering them, I can hopefully keep them in check.
What I miss: Beer ...again....Do you have any idea how hard it is to watch the Superbowl without a beer in my hand???  WOW I really sound like an alcoholic, but the truth is beer and football go together in my house!
What I look forward to: Still on belly button watch.  Depending on how I'm sitting at night, it threatens to turn inside out, but nothing permanent yet.  Putting up the crib this weekend!  Its supposed to be here today!!!
Moods: Up, down left, right, in, out....depends on the minute but been a lot better lately I think.
Milestones: Single digit weeks left
Medical Concerns: Nothing really, just typical stuff for this point.  Gotta keep the blood pressure down to keep the nose bleeds away I guess.  Developed another Upper Respiratory thing.  I've been super congested since Saturday and it just stinks!
Weekly Wisdom: Everyone has advice (and most of it will be ass-vice) Just smile and nod and move on.  The more you try and tell people you don't want/need/care for their advice, the more they give it to you.
Worst moment this week: Finding out a bloggy friend who is due the same week I am is on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy.  She's had a really rough go with all of this, and it's totally not fair.  If you have a minute, please go share some bloggy love with Genevieve and remind cricket its not her time yet :-)
Best moment this week:  Having a bunch of friends over for the Superbowl which means I have a CLEAN HOUSE!  I actually feel on top of things for once.  I totally didn't do my typical freak out the morning of a party at our house, and actually stayed calm cool and collected the whole day.  It was great!


  1. Not to much longer!!! And where did you order your tights from?

  2. The tights came from Target through Amazon...

    I LOVE them!! Although Sizing is funky. Their sizing said get a 4 and I had heard they run big so I got a 3 and I am so glad I did. I'm 5'7" and was 205 pre pregnancy.

  3. Awww, this made me all weepy :) I had to show Colliwog. Thanks for the shout-out. HUGS. And man, I couldn't live without leggings so I get you on the tights!

  4. You're welcome Gen. I've been so worried about you and little Cricket. It really isn't fair that you've had it so tough and I haven't. If I could take any of it from you I would. *Hugs*

  5. Nothing since the 10th... I'm going through withdrawl


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