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Monday, October 5, 2009

Still waiting

My beta is on Thursday. I SO want to test at home, but I know its an effort in futility, I had a booster shot of HSG at 7dpIUI, so it will come up positive even if I'm not pregnant probably until tomorrow at the earliest. I'm seriously considering testing Thursday morning at home, just so I don't have my initial reaction (good or bad) at work. A keeps telling me that I am going to question it until the blood work comes back no matter what, so I should just wait.

Right now I'm doing what I always do during my 2ww. Analyzing every little twinge, cramp, headache, tenderness, and symptom. So much feels like typical pms symptoms, yet I haven't started spotting yet (I'm sure the progesterone supplements are helping with that). Normally I spot for 4-5 days first, so even if I'm not pg, the prog has eliminated that which is nice. I started with some mild cramping last night, but nothing as strong as I usually get...UGH Listen to me I'm still doing it.

I swear this is going to be the LONGEST.WEEK.EVER!

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