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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I'm beginning to think I was spoiled by Dr. RE's office that is closer to my house. When I would call, a receptionist would answer. When I left a message for a nurse I got a call back before close of business. If I called after "official hours" I could leave a message on the nurse line if it wasn't urgent or be connected to the answering service if it was. If I sent an e-mail I had a response within a couple hours, even if it was 7 at night. All of this occurred whether I was in cycle or not.

Now that I'm dealing with the home office, it's like pulling teeth to have any of these experiences. First they are only open 8-4 EASTERN TIME and I'm in CENTRAL TIME. That means I have to get my calls in before 3pm locally. When I do call, it goes to an automated system that ALWAYS goes to a voice mail. Scheduling, Insurance, Nurses, it doesn't matter, I can't talk to a PERSON, just a machine and have to wait for a call back. Last treatment cycle they were supposed to send all my protocol info to my OBGYN who was doing the procedures so he would have it. When I called to schedule the IUI's Dr. O STILL hadn't received the info and didn't even know my cycle had started. After the procedures when I called Friday to verify my protocol, I didn't get a call back until MONDAY. Luckily I knew when to start my prometrium. The day I had an US and Blood work at 7 am (and I KNOW the lab had it returned by 9 am, I called to find out) I didn't get a call to tell me if I should trigger or not. When I realized it was after 3 and they hadn't called, I called all frantic and the afterhours nurse told me "You're supposed to take your booster tonight". I told her I knew I was supposed to, but never received confirmation that labs were ok to GO AHEAD.

I have sent 3 e-mails to and left one message for the nurse hoping to find out if Dr. RE will do our IVF consult over the phone, and have gotten NO response. I don't have Dr. RE's direct e-mail, or I would just e-mail him now that I'm not getting a response. I hate to be THAT patient. The one who calls 18 times a day and micromanages every aspect of her treatment, but I feel like I have to. I feel like this afterthought because I'm just a voice over the phone and not a face to these nurses. I wish SO BAD that we could go back to the nurses at the closer office, but we just can't afford the out of network costs never mind the additional deductible and out of pocket limits.

I HATE that we're MISSING another cycle. I HATE that my chance of having a 2010 baby is gone. I HATE that I'm so close to 30 and still not any closer to a baby. I HATE feeling like a second rate patient. I HATE feeling like there's nothing I can do about it.

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  1. Praying for you...I know it doesnt help your frustration, but know that you have a little friend in Michigan who has been there done that and I'm praying for you!


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