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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

HOLY &!@^#$%$*#(*&

Talk about when it rains it pours!  Let me catch you up since I've been so MIA lately.  I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post!  Sorry about that.

I hit Cycle Day 1 last Sunday and started the birth control.  A still can't get over the fact that I have to go on birth control while we're trying to get pregnant, but I think he's finally accepting it even if he's not understanding it.  I called the Dr, RE's office on Monday and left a message on the Nurses' line that I had started the BC and needed the rest of my protocol.  I wasn't too worried about it, I figured we still had 2 weeks before I really needed to know anything. 

I don't know if the BC I'm on for this is a stronger dose than what I used to take or what, but I had the hardest time getting used to it.  I had the WORST migraine last Monday, and have just been over tired and cranky for most of the last 10 days.   I have to give A credit, I have been so Up and Down and Round and Round, and he's been so patient with me.  I am so blessed to have him as my husband and my soul mate.

So here we get to Yesterday, and I haven't gotten a call back from Dr. RE's office, so I call the nurses line again.  I'm in my weekly staff meeting and my phone rings.  It's on vibrate, but I forgot it was in my pocket.  I ignored the call and continued in my meeting.  About 20 minutes later it rang again, and we were almost done, so I ignored the call again.  It rang a third time almost immediately, so I finally gave up, excused myself from the meeting, and answered it.  It was the Nurse with my protocol...and here's what it is...

On BCP 6/20-7/15
Start cycle appt. 7/6-7/9 (final payment due)
Lupron start 7/9 in evening... 20 Units each evening, once you start FSH you decrease Lupron to 10 Units.
FSH start (Bravelle and Menopur) 7/18
First Ultrasound back 7/23
Retrieval around 7/29... give or take a day.  transfer 3 to 5 days after retrieval

I got the info and started freaking out...Start cycle appointment???? This was never mentioned!!! That's next week!!!  And our PAYMENT is due?!?!?!!?  What payment?!?!?!? We have awesome insurance for IVF, and I was told before that there would be no payment due until after insurance was billed!!! CRAP!!!!  A in his always calm and optimistic mindset reminds me to take a deep Breath, just call the insurance gal...and call and schedule the appointment it will all be ok. 

So I called, and it's all good.  We do have to go to Dr. Re's office 3 hours away next week for the Start Cycle appointment.  Blood work for A and I both, baseline US, and injection classes (Yea Fun NOT!)  We're driving out Monday night, the appointment is Tuesday at 8:45, and we'll come back Tuesday afternoon/evening.

I can't believe how fast this all came up.  We're going for retrieval a week earlier than I expected.  I have a couple of concerns with the protocol, mainly the use of Bravelle.  The last time we upped the dose of it, I had a non-stop headache, and I'm pretty sure my dose will be at least that high.  Never mind that Follistim is 1/2 as much on my copay. (although either drug is CHEAP compared to what other people have to pay.)  What I did realize what we're saving in good insurance coverage we're making up in driving, hotel, food, and boarding costs.  I think we'll still come out way ahead thanks to some great connections we have (it really helps to know people in the hotel business) but it is a little scary.  I'm nervous, scared, excited, anxious, apprehensive, and ready to plow forward all in the same breath.  The way my feelings about all this have varied over the last 24 hours have been about the same as my moods over the 10 days.  Its UNREAL.

So those of you who have been here before, any pearls of wisdom?  The only medication I'm worried about is the Lupron.  From what I've read those have to go into my tookis, and that means A will have to do them.  Now A is not really a fan of needles anyway, and he hated watching me give myself the shots before.  I'm not sure how he'll do having to give me shots.

Ok this has ended up being really long, and I'm sorry I took so long to come back.  Thanks for sticking with me!


  1. It looks like we are dead on same schedule! I have a cycle buddy :) I've been on the active birth control for nearly a month now because we pushed the cycle back a month. And it's definitely not low dose. Headaches, perma-PMS, my BBS are enormous for me. I so get it.

    Lup.ron should be belly or thigh...PIO after ER will be in the tookis. I have to do my injections at work 4 days out of the week because of my schedule, and by myself. At one point that will be 3 injections within a 15 minute time span....alone. *sigh* You and me babe, we will get through it together. It's my first time, too....

  2. I am lucky enough that my RE doesn't think PIO is necessary. I'll be on prometrium from 2 days after transfer through beta (and hopefully beyond :-)

    Suck for doing stuff at work! But at least your back at work. I've been reading your blog but not commenting much. I hope you're doing all right, but for what its worth, I think you made the right decision. The last thing you need right now is MORE drama.

    Good luck with your cycle!

  3. I have no pearls of wisdom but I just wanted to say good luck!!


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