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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And we are a go

Let's back up to Friday. I called Dr. RE's office frantic because of the bad news about the wash medium. They didn't have any real help, just a note from the doc that he DEFINITELY wants to do this cycle WITH an IUI, especially given A's varicocele diagnosis. I guess the first cycle after a miscarriage is often time VERY successful, go figure. The nurse suggested calling the office closer to my house to see if they know anyone closer who might be able to do the wash instead. I called nurse Wonderful and she says she doesn't know of anyone else in our town. There's a couple an hour away (the other direction from Dr. RE's close office) but that won't really help this cycle either. But wait she says, let me check something. I sit on hold for what seems like FOREVER, she comes back and says Have Nikki call our lab. we have more than enough medium to do our washes next week and if she can use what we have, we can lend it to her. SWEET! I call Nikki, she calls the lab, makes arrangements, and calls me back. All I have to do is drive tot he office the night before our first IUI and pick up the medium! I am Thrilled!! I start the follis.tim injections Friday night (no headaches YEA!). Can I just tell you how much more I like the than the Brav.elle. No mixing, no vials, just my nice easy pen. I LOVE it. and the best part, the 600IU cartridge pen, supplies and ovid.rel only cost me $60 ins copay!!! Can you fricking believe that?!?!?!? and the ovid.rel was $40 of that! HOLY COW!
So today I went for my blood draw and follicle scan. E2 was 180 and I have 2 good follicles and 4 small ones. We trigger tonight to beat those 4 catching up (and risking MAJOR multiples) and then IUI tomorrow and Friday. Its really early for me, but it seems like we've finally figured out a protocol that works for me.

Now its on to thinking happy thoughts and waiting for my beta on March 15th. I think I might go crazy!


  1. Aha! Another HCG two-time triggerer! I don't see Dr. J, but maybe he/she is a colleague of Dr. Lovely!? Or maybe they just both keep up with the latest research! Anyway, yay for us! Hope all goes well with your IUI tomorrow and crossing my fingers for you this cycle!

  2. OMG I stumbled on your blog from blog hopping, My hubs and I are going through surrogacy, we are using Dr J! I <3 him! We live in Champaign. I will definitely be following your journey!

  3. PRAYING for you!


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