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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday US and BW update and frustrations

I went this morning for another US and more blood work, and while I didn't have Mr. Fab tech I didn't have to deal with Ms. Crappy tech either.  I had the Saturday on call tech, and although she wasn't the most gentle I'm beginning to think that with the current state of my ovaries, ever Mr. Fab would make me uncomfortable.  She was pleasant and carried on good conversation with me.  Until she felt the need to tell me about her friend who decided that they were done with treatments and *poof* she got pregnant a month later when they weren't even really trying!  WOW how FANTASTIC for her.
Anyway, that was at 8 am this morning.  I got a promise from both the lab and the US tech that the results would be to the doctors office by 9.  They are an hour ahead of us so that meant the results would be at the office before they "closed" for the day.  The office closes at 10 on Saturdays and the phones roll to the answering service, but the nurses are there until noon.  A and I ran out to do some stuff around town after I mowed the lawn this morning, but I made sure one of us was near my phone the whole time. 2 o'clock game and went and still no phone call so I finally gave in and called the after hours line.  I left a message for them to call me back on the cell phone (the number I have told them time and time again to call me on) and still hadn't gotten a call at 3:15.  I finally called the house voice mail around 3:30 and sure enough the nurse had called that number.  GRRRR  We have a cell phone attached to our house number that we never turn on because the only people who usually call that number are telemarketers. 
SO because the nurse just left me a message, all I know is that things are progressing well and my E2 is up to 687. I don't know how many or the size of my follicles, I don't know my progesterone or LH, and I don't know my lining status.I do know that if things keep progressing the way they are, we will be triggering Monday night and retrieving Wednesday morning.  I have to got back for one more US and more blood draws on Monday morning. 

Ok Deep breaths...its not the end of the world that I don't have all the details I know...but the control freak in me really wants to have all the details and know all the information.  It really goes back to my main frustration with this office and being 3 hours away.  But I LOVE Dr. RE, so I'll deal with it.  Hopefully we won't have to do this again and all will be good.


  1. Grrrr...Sorry about the lack of details, but yay that all is progressing well and that you love your RE!
    Is there any way you can call the nurse tomorrow and get more info?

  2. I could call, but it would have to be through the after hours line since they don't have any office hours on Sunday at all. I considered calling the after hours line again since they didn't call back on the number I gave them and really nailing home the point to change the phone number in my file, but I'm not that worried about it, plus there's no guarantees that the on-call nurse would have the faxed report available, probably just the what I need to do info.

  3. I would be going NUTS! I have to know everything, too. I always am typing the info in during my u/s (I get a doc in the room with me, so they give that to me then) and they call me back with the b/w results. I still don't know about u/s Monday :) Good luck sweetie!


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