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Saturday, July 31, 2010

10 things I learned while stimming for IVF

I've been really trying to get my self in a calm state of mind (definitely easier said than done let me tell you) but it's meant a lot of thinking.  Through all that thinking, I've come up with this list of 10 things I've learned over the last month or so.  I thought I would share it with all of you who may either have an IVF coming or for myself as reminders should we (heaven forbid) have to do this again.
  1. The amount an injection stings is directly correlated to the amount the injection site is going to bruise.  More Sting=More bruise
  2. The farther from my belly button the injection is, the more it stings, therefor the more it bruises.  The top of my pubic line is all sorts of pretty colors right now :-(
  3. Bring on the FAT clothes!!!! I haven't fit into my usual pants in a week.  Luckily I had a box of in between clothes that were set aside for when I got to big for regular clothes but hadn't bought maternity clothes yet.
  4. If the bloat doesn't get you, the fatigue will.  Be prepared to not feel rested...ever
  5. Combine bloating, fatigue, general sore belly and you get ZERO sex drive
  6. Combine bloating, fatigue, general sore belly and no sex and you get cranky wife and frustrated husband
  7. Always order extra syringes and needles, especially if your mail order pharmacy doesn't charge for them like mine.  1 needle and syringe cost me $12 at the local drugstore!!!!
  8. Invest in a all cotton, no wire bra that is one cup size bigger than you usually wear.  You're going to want the extra support at night.
  9. Take out stock in panty liners.  You'll be glad when you get to the 2www and the stock price skyrockets because you're buying so many :-)
  10. Remember that your husband has to deal with you going through all this.  He may not be experiencing it directly, but he is experiencing through YOU.  He sees your pain, discomfort, frustrations, and happy moments.  As much as the crap you go through is tough for you, its even tougher for him because he can't fix it.  That inherent need that all men have to make it better cannot be satisfied, and that makes this process tough for him.


    1. I wish I had had a bra for at true. And I have exactly one pair of comfortable pants I have been able to wear this last are you doing?

    2. Thanks for the tips! I'm starting my first IVF cycle and these are great suggestions!


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