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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Transfer Day

Transfer was this morning and things went great.  Here are our beautiful little embryos!
 The one in the upper right is a full blast.  The one in the lower left is an early blast.  This picture was taken 2 hours before transfer.  When we went in for the transfer, the embryologist told us that they had expanded even more from the pictures.  The whole thing was just surreal! (It might have had to do with my valium induced state of relaxation)  I was so overcome with emotion, fueled by Dr. RE's excitement and optimism, I cried.

Of the other 5 that fertilized, 3 were in early blast stage and 2 were only 8 cell.  They're going to wait until tomorrow and see how they are before freezing, but we anticipate only the 3 blasts will be good enough. 

We drove home the 3 hours....or Rather A drove home and I slept most of the way, and now I'm chilling on the couch.  A is being really overprotective about this whole bed rest thing though.  I went to go restart the dryer and make sure the upstairs toilet wasn't still leaking, and I got ripped a new one!  I mean seriously!  I can handle walking to the Laundry room!  But NO..I'm allowed on the couch, toilet or the bed, that's it.  Stinker!!  Oh well I'll suck it up and be a good girl.


  1. darn right you'll be a good girl!

  2. Oh, they are beautiful!!! Congrats! How long are you bed-resting? We are transferring Thursday or Friday. I am so excited for you!

  3. Just for 24 hours. Since I have a desk job, I can go back tomorrow, but I'm on restricted activity until my beta.

  4. Soooo cute! I love a good, overprotective husband lol! Goood luck, I'm sooo excited fo you!!


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