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Thursday, August 12, 2010

9dp5dt: Impatient

UGH This week is going SO SLOOOOOW.  I have totally been bit by the impatience bug.  I have however resisted the tests in my cabinet...OK no so much resisted as realized the one is expired (stupid dollar store test) and I don't want to take the chance of a false result, and the digital I refuse to use until I know it will say "Pregnant".  That big old NOT just breaks my heart too much.  Plus, I need to be able to take pictures of it to tell people, 2 lines just doesn't mean anything to TOO many people.

Speaking of 2 lines...did you know I have never before seen them come up on a test?  Not once.  Not even when I miscarried.  That time I had my beta before I POAS, and after my beta I went and bought the digital 2 pack.  That other digital has been sitting in my bathroom cabinet for 8 months!  If I've resisted this long I can probably wait another 24 hours right?  24 hours isn't so bad right?  Its only the longest 24 hours of my life!


  1. I have never even been Pg, and I am tired of negatives...which is the only thing keeping me from doing it. I agree...longest 48 of my life....ugh. Thinking POSITIVE!

  2. You can do it!!! 24 hours, a third of which you'll be sleeping, right!? C'mon positive beta!!!

  3. I am thinking about you...praying...HUGS


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