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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I didn't need this.  For better or for worse, we hadn't told my mother we were doing an IVF cycle.  She was less than supportive when we announced the pregnancy the first time around.  Sure she was happy for us but thought we were being stupid telling everyone so soon.  Oh and she was mad that I had told my father first...never mind the fact that I wanted to tell her in person, and I happened to see him the week before I saw her.

Anyway so about 2 hours hour ago, my phone rings, and surprisingly it's my mother...great...just what I need tonight.  Ok I'll tell her we took a long weekend and had a mini vacation, but thats it.  Its not lying outright, its just not telling her everything.  Lots of people keep their fertility treatments from their parents.  So I tell her where we went, and her first response is "Isn't that where your RE is?"  %^&$#*@  No turning back I fess up.  And surprise surprise her response is "and why did you feel the need to hide this from your mother?"  Um that's why because you make it all about YOU.  Because I didn't want the stress of someone who wasn't 100% supportive around me?  Because you make comments like just because SIL is preggo with her second (which I was selfishly upset over because it was unexpected and shortly after we got our diagnosis ) doesn't mean I need to run out and get pregnant too.

I really need to not let her get to me.  Especially not right now.  So I won't.  I flat out told her I didn't tell her before because I didn't need the stress of her not being supportive.  And unless she could be supportive now, I didn't really want to talk to her.

I was a little more blunt than I would have otherwise been, but she caught me off guard.  I will not let my mother ruin this for me!


  1. Breathe, breathe... Wash the bad feelings away! Those little ones in there have plenty of time to be bothered by grandma, now is not the time ;)

  2. Breathe, sweetie, breathe. I stopped keeping my dad updated when his response to my diagnosis was "well, it's not from my side of the family." HUGS

  3. Water off a duck's back, I say! I haven't told anyone in my family about the treatment I'm enduring, and I can't say I blame you for not wanting to tell your mom. Bless the feelings and let them go and get lots of rest - listen to your hubby!


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