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Monday, August 16, 2010

The wonderful world of OHSS

I am still a little in shock and not really believing that I'm pregnant.  Hopefully after today's numbers come back it will sink in a little more.  I am however feeling quite cruddy, thanks primarily to our lovely friend Ovarian Hyper Simulation Syndrome, OHSS.  It started Friday morning as we were waiting at the hospital for my first blood draw with MONSTER stomach cramps, all above my belly button.  A and I chalked it up to minor dehydration as I realized I had only had 1 glass of water to drink since 4pm the previous day.  Then Saturday morning about an hour after I got up, the same thing.  And this time I knew I was plenty hydrated.  Sunday morning, they were so bad they woke me up from a dead sleep at 5:30am!  At this point I had resolved to ask the nurse about it when she called with my blood results on Monday.  Until the cramps started up again around 1:30 while we were having lunch...and so bad I could barely stay upright.  I called the after hours answering service right then and there.  Dr. RE called me back himself within 5 minutes (I LOVE that he does that) and I explained all the symptoms.  Here's the gist of how the conversation went

Dr. RE:Have you been excessively thirsty?  ME: Yes. 
Dr. RE:Are you feeling bloated? ME: Yes. 
Dr. RE:Is your upper abdomen firm to the touch? ME: Yes. 
Dr. RE:Sounds like OHSS.  ME: OK what do I do? 
Dr. RE:Take it easy, stay hydrated, and keep out of the heat.
ME: So you're saying I need to tough it up and be a big girl?
Dr. RE: *Laughs* Basically yes.
ME: And I don't need to be worried?
Dr. RE: not for now.  If your belly swells really bad, then call again, but for now its pretty normal with how high you E2 was at retrieval and how many follicles we got.

So I am on "Take it easy" orders.  Oh Yea FUN! (NOT!)

And here I wait for the phone cal with today's results....grrrr I hate waiting!

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  1. We did of us got a kidney stone and the other got OHSS...hey, can't leave any side effects by the wayside, right? But you know what else we got??? BFP's!!!!! I just POAS so I could see the "pregnant"! Take it easy and feel better. That is my plan :) HUGS, Momma.


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