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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I swear it's only 4 weeks

OK Seriously, this is going to get old REAL quick.  I am wearing a button down shirt today that I also happened to wear to church on Sunday.  On Sunday, it was a little tight across the chest, but not so bad otherwise.  Today, I'm straining EVERY button as it poorly attempts to cover my swollen belly.  I seriously look like I'm already 12 weeks pregnant here people.  I mean I anticipated going through the "I feel fat not pregnant" phase, but I didn't expect it to start at 4 and a half weeks!  At least the fact that its getting worse is an indication that the little bean(s) a sticking good; pregnancy causes OHSS symptoms to be worse.

Good news is my progesterone is way up...155!  I'm still on the Promet.rium suppositories, but I do consider myself lucky that I avoided the PIO shots so many others have had to suffer through.  Still no morning sickness.  Some bouts of nausea, mostly when I'm over hungry or having a OHSS cramp attack, but I haven't actually gotten sick yet.  Definitely have the fatigue, I'm pooping out around 9pm lately, and I used to be a total night owl. 

For those of you who follow and aren't pregnant yet, I totally understand if you want to stop following me.  I'm going to try really hard to not make every post about the pregnancy, but the truth is, everything in my life right now is about this (these) baby (babies).  I'm still not quite really believing it yet.  Its just been so long of be my negatives...and the only positive ending so badly.  I hope once we see a heartbeat on the 30th I will really start to relax and enjoy this.  Crappy bloating and all :-)

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  1. I wrote similarly about not writing entirely about this. Ummm, and I had to buy a belly band...I have decided the extra hormones they give us for IVF make us bigger earlier...I have gone up a cup size already, and none of my pants fit. I am hoping it all evens out at some point...meh, whatever, I am ok with looking pregnant earlier!!!


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