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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

Why is it that regular work weeks seem so long after a couple short weeks in a row? Throw on top that I'm working on a major project for our company's CEO at work, and its been crazy stressful and just all around insane this week. I did get some great compliments today from the 3 of 4 managers and above who are between me and the big wigs on the work we've put together for this (me and another coworker) so its was good to know our hard work and scrambling with last minute changes has paid off. I was just so frustrated today because I couldn't seem to convince people that as much as I wanted to talk about football, I just didn't have the time today! Oh well we got thru it! Tomorrow is a department picnic, so it should be a nice relaxing afternoon. Much needed after a week like this!

T-minus 4 days till the ultrasound! I can't wait!!!

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