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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Starting the surveys

I decided that at 8 weeks I would start tracking things using the ever popular pregnancy surveys, more for my own notes than anything.  I'm getting a scrapbook together that I'm going the start with 8 weeks and go all the way through labor.  I realistically know that I'm not going to work on it each week, so hopefully these surveys will help jog my memory for journaling.

How far along: 8 weeks 3 days

Total weight gain/loss: I've actually lost 2 lbs from IVF, Up 2.5 lbs from pre-treatment.

Maternity clothes: Belly band and some shirts.  Mostly just stretchy skirts and a couple used to be too big pants.

Stretch marks: Just some flaring around existing ones

Sleep: Actually better than I have in a long time.  As long as the dogs aren't up at 7 that is.

Movement: Too soon for that.

Cravings: None really

Aversions: Anything with a strong odor...good or bad.  Hot sauce is constantly making me want to puke.

Gender: We'll find out when we can.

Symptoms: Nausea about every day.  I've only puked a couple times thankfully.  Heartburn from about 2:30 pm on every day.

What I miss: Honestly, Sex.  Between the bloat and the other symptoms, even though we got the ok from the Doc, its just not happening.

What I look forward to: Ultrasound in 10 Days.  Seeing my little bean again, actually looking like a baby.

Moods: All over the place.  Poor A!

Milestones: none this week.

Medical Concerns: getting over the ohss.

Weekly Wisdom: Lots of small meals keep nausea and discomfort at bay

Best moment this week:  Just been status quo

Worst moment this week:  Status quo

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  1. We sound the same :) I graduate from the fertility doc today!!! I wanted to get a baby journal, but sadly, I know I will do better with the blog than pen and paper, so blog it is. I am so excited for us!


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