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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lazy Tuesdays??

So I have to admit, I'm LOVING this Tuesdays off work stuff.  Its a nice break when I need it, and it allows me one guaranteed day to sleep in a little (hey when you're getting up at 5 most days, 8:30 feels like noon!)

It does have its drawbacks though.  Like today for example.  I had to get a filling done and my OB wanted me to wait until at least 24 weeks to do it, and this was the first they could get me in.  Works out well really; it means I don't have to take time off work to make it happen.  I scheduled it for this morning thinking that I would then be able to come home and relax for a couple hours while the Novocaine wore off (can I just say how much I HATE Novocaine), and then get a couple things done in the afternoon if I felt up to it.  Unfortunately A has other plans.  HE wants to have a productive day today...ALL DAY.  His f@cebook status this morning was "sleep... glorious sleep!! Now to be productive today!"  UGH.  Don't get me wrong I'm glad he's motivated.  I just wish sometimes that HIS being motivated didn't require ME to be motivated.  SO instead of laying around and being lazy today, I have a list of things that I should get accomplished. 

Now before you jump his gut, in his defense, everything that is on my list is things that I have either a) needed to get done since the first of the year, or b) need to get done so he can remove old wallpaper and prime the nursery.  But still...I DON'T WANNA. *pout*  I just want to lay around and be lazy for a couple of hours because my left eyeball is numb.  I want to be a little pitiful cause I've felt like crap for a week and dang it I deserve a pitiful lazy day once in a while.  Then he reminds me that we are only 13 weeks from this baby being here, and probably only 6 weeks from me really being up to doing much at all, so I should take advantage of every minute I have.

Gosh I hate it when he's right.  Guess I should stop procrastinating and go help.  If I don't want him to throw out everything in the last couple boxes of stuff that are in the nursery, I really need to go and sort through them myself.  


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  1. Yeah, I NEVER get anything done. Seriously. I make lists before my weekend, and then....nada. Oh, well, LOL. My hubby is NOT MOTIVATED like yours. So we are both lazy asses most of the time.

    Need Mary Poppins.

    Or your hubby.

    Happy 3rd Trimester, btw!


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