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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Follow-up today

This afternoon is my follow-up appointment with Dr. RE after the miscarriage. I am looking forward to it, mostly because I'm anxious to find out what he wants to do next. I'm thinking an IUI, but I don't know. Either way, it's probably on hole until at least March, but that's OK. We STILL haven't gotten the continuation of care approval, in fact they originally DENIED it because the Dr. is "out of the network". Um excuse me, isn't that the whole point of continuation of care coverage? To allow for in network coverage for an out of network doctor so you can continue to receive care while searching for a new doctor? It's being reviewed now. And here's the worst of it...Dr. RE IS in the network...if I drive 3+ hours to his home office. When I see him in the satellite office (less than 1 hour away) it's considered out of network because the clinic is out of network, and they do the billing, not the home office. The kicker...the clinic is just bureaucratic red tape away from merging with the local hospital...which IS in the network, and when that goes through, the clinic will then be in network. So we're talking maybe 6 months here. But we're also talking and additional $500 deductible and only 60% coverage if I see him out of network vs. 90% coverage in.

UGH. I hate that money and insurance coverage dictate what treatments people can and can't receive! We will probably continue to see Dr. RE regardless because he is just that awesome, but it still is just ridiculous!


  1. I HATE all that insurance nonsense! And I really hate that more IF treatments aren't covered. I hope it all gets approved soon so you can move forward.

  2. Ugh I hate insurance period! Good Luck at your appointment and let us know how it goes :)


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