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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Appointment Update

OK I just have to say, I LOVE MY RE!!!

It was all good news today. He's really happy with how things worked out. He even told me I was right for refusing the methotrexate!!! We're a go for doing another IUI with the next cycle! I am totally excited. I thought for sure that we'd be in a holding pattern until at least March. His reaction was we found something that worked and it was a totally fluke that I ended up with a blighted ovum, so we are going to do it again. We are however going to change one of my meds because the injectables gave me uber headaches when we upped the dose last time. Hopefully it will go as well from a stimulating standpoint.

Top it all off, the Dr. RE is totally willing to let my regular OB/GYN (Dr. O) do my monitoring and IUI's with him "supervising" so I don't have to pay out of network costs!!!! And this was HIS idea when I mentioned that our insurance changed!!! This also means not more hour long drives and taking a half day off to do an IUI. I have to still talk to Dr. O, but from what Dr. RE said, he's done this with other patients. The Ins gal at the RE's office let slip that there are about a dozen patients in my office that are also patients at the RE and were switching insurance, so I'm guessing he's had to deal with this a lot lately.I have an appointment with Dr. O next week to have my annual exam and talk to him about it. Hopefully I won't get my visitor before then, and we can start right away with the next cycle!

I LOVE good news. I really needed this today.


  1. Hey! Just got your comment. Yes, find me on facebook! I'd love to have your recipes. christinambw at gmail dot com

    SO glad you got good news! I've got to call tomorrow because he told me to call the day I finally got AF. I was pushing for an IUI but he said that we found something that worked, so we're not going to do anything differently. We'll see...I'm hoping we both have some great luck soon!

    Talk soon!

  2. Great news! I'm glad things worked out for you with the whole insurance thing. That can be such a pain in the butt!

  3. Hey Nicole! I nominated you for an award on my blog!! Check it out!


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