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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad turned 60 this last weekend. He doesn't care too much for birthdays anymore (he's morphing not aging), but my sister planned a special dinner for him Friday night and his brother came over and his girlfriend flew in from Florida to surprise him and everything. And I couldn't be there because of a conference that I was basically 2nd in command at on Saturday. My dad lives 2 hours away, and there was just no way I could drive 4 out of 7 hours to get home after 11 and be at the office at 6:30 the next day. I'm really bummed about it, but had a great phone conversation with him later that night. There is nothing I can say that truly expresses how blessed I am to have him for a father, he has been our biggest cheerleader and our biggest supporter through everything so far, good and bad. He calls to check up on me at least twice a week when we are in cycle, and at least once a week off cycle. I honestly think he was more upset about the miscarriage than I was by the end of the week we found out. He will make an amazing grandfather, and I can't WAIT to give him that opportunity. I just had so hoped that he'd at least be having it to look forward to in this milestone year.

On the IF front, I had a follow up beta today and we are all the way back down to zero. Nurse Wonderful called with the news today, and she checked up on me 3 times last week. I am going to be SO bummed if we don't get the continuation of care approved and we have to look into switching REs.

I'm working on the New Year's eve conversation post I this rate its going to be February 1st before I get it up, but its turning into a doozey that I need to edit down a bit. I'll give you a clue though to wet your appetite...what action do so many of us infertiles keep secret from our husbands/SOs and why do we do it? Stay tuned


  1. I'm guessing peeing on so many HPTs.... at least that's my secret I hide LOL Sorry you missed seeing your dad, he sounds like a good one though :) And YAY for being back down to 0. I know when I m/c'd each time I got down to 0 it was like a fresh new start. Good luck!!

  2. Here from the virtual bar. Just wanted to say I'm glad you're back down to 0, but I'm so sorry about your loss. May the next pregnancy be super-glue-sticky!

  3. heheh Good guess Lisa, but you're wrong :-)


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