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Monday, March 8, 2010


Wow today is really turning into a Monday for sure. For whatever reason I woke up in a..well...I wouldn't call it a foul mood, but definitely not feeling myself.

Saturday I had great motivation. I had coffee with some girlfriends in the morning and then I wanted to get the garage all cleaned and organized so we could get the new shelving unit we got for SUPER CHEAP put in. I started around noon, and it was beautiful outside, so A took the Goldwing out to stretch her legs. He came back and helped me for a couple hours, and then went back out in the late afternoon for over an hour. While he was gone, I got through all the shelves on the van's side of the garage sorted, condensed, even to the point of one being empty! I was so proud of myself! A returned about 5pm, and I was exhausted. We went in, I made dinner, and we vegged on the couch for the rest of the night (and watched Watchmen...strange movie). Yesterday we got up, went to church, and came home with intentions of finishing in the garage. Problem was I was still wiped out. I had NO energy whatsoever! So I vegged on the couch and A got to work. After a couple shows on the DVR and a brief nap, I finally felt like I has enough gas to help for a bit, so I went out and we got the other side of the garage cleaned to the floor. Now everything is sorted in bins, but nothing is put away or organized. I'm bummed we didn't get it all done, but grateful we got as far as we did. Plus the Van is IN, and the bike is accessible (Which makes A happy). The truck is still in the drive, but I think that's where it's going to live forever.

So this morning I get up and I'm still feeling just blah. I get up and let the dogs out, and the foster has piddled in his crate...again. We thought we had this figured out, but it just keeps recurring. GRRR. I let them back in, and Cleo (our resident) refuses. She has been a total snark again recently (although I refuse to read into it, the last time she was this bad, I was preggo). She completely ignores me and is CONSTANTLY into things. So I shut the door and fed the other 2 dogs. Cleo was finally ready to come in, and then I had to fight off the other dogs in order to let Cleo have her breakfast. Now this is not an issue if they all 3 get fed at the same time, but NO, miss priss couldn't be bothered to come in with everyone else.

So I get dressed, and the shirt I want to put on has a stain in it. Luckily I saw it before I left the house. I grab a different shirt and finish dressing, put on my makeup, and run downstairs to get my hose and shoes. On they go, and I proceed to catch my ankle on the gate keeping the dogs upstairs and put a HUGE run in my hose. I head back down and get a different pair, only to find the pair I grabbed ALSO has a hole. Take 3 finally works.

We get in the car and A says, all we need now is for something to break at home..the water heater or the fridge or something. Then you can say "Just when we were getting to a good spot..." You see it really does seem like every time we get ourselves squared away and things worked out just right, something major happens. A vehicle needs a major repair, we have a flood in the basement, the dog has bladder stones and needs surgery, whatever. A thinks I over react to these things, and I probably do, but hell its my nature as a woman right?

WOW looking back on this post all these little things seem so petty and stupid, and yet it really put me in a bad mood for my Monday morning. Maybe I am pregnant. Or maybe I'm just PMSing and that's the reason for the irritability and mood swings. My money's on option 2.

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