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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I feel Dirty...

So I'm a bad person.  Last night I went to go run some errands, and low an behold what store did I drive right past?  The dollar store.  And as any of you infertiles out there know, there is this crazy magnetic field surrounding the dollar store that draws in the infertiles who are in their 2 week wait.  Those $1 pregnancy tests that are just as accurate as the $7 ones at the drugstore are all TOO appealing.

The really scary part is that I know EXACTLY where in this store to look for the tests.  They are always in on of 2 places.  Either right next to the register, or in the medication/baby aisle between the medications and the baby stuff (ok what idiot planned that?)  So I walk in, there's none by the register.  I walk down the correct aisle, and there's a big empty hook right where they should be.  Bummer!  I'm double checking to make sure they haven't been moved when an employee comes down the aisle sweeping.  She asks if I need help finding anything, and I hesitate, but ask if they are out.  She says No, they're up at the register.  Oh I just didn't see them?  No they're UNDER the register.  Like some backroom movie or awful contraband.  You have to be "in the know"  to get them.

Why do I feel so dirty?

PS: I can't seem to find the spell checker in this new blogger post software, so I apoligize if there are MAJOR spelling errors.  I was a math major and not an english major for a reason. :-)

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