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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Well it looks like I've definitely got some underlying issues going on here.  We got the results back from the urine catch and my protein levels are "elevated".  The nurse didn't have the actual numbers in front of her, so I will get them when I go in on Monday morning.  I have to go in Monday for a BP recheck and another urine test.

All in all I'm feeling ok.  I've had a headache off and on all day but it seems to be more a side effect of what I do or don't eat instead of what I do or don't do.  I've been a good girl and sat on the couch all day.  The only real weirdness I've had is that I've been so HOT all day.  But it could have more to do with the heat in our house than me.  The thermometer on the lower level says it's still 76 degrees down here.  UGH.  I've been laying around in a cami and yoga pants all day.

We did get a couple final things done in the nursery, or I should say A did while I sat in the glider.  The shelves are up, the final wall decorations are up, and a bunch more clothes got sorted.  A also stripped and washed 2 loads of prefolds for me today.  I think we finally got the used prefolds that I got on the CHEAP clean.  The previous owner must not have known what she was doing to wash them there was a TON of soap suds in the basin when we rinsed them.  UGH.  It took a whole tone of rinses plus stripping to get them to stop sudsing, but I think we finally got there.  We've got one more load of inserts, and then to strip and wash the 15 BumGenius pockets that are coming in the mail next week (also used but SUPER CHEAP) and I think we'll have all the diapers ready to go.  I've got quite the starter stash built up, and I am excited.

If nothing else, bedrest will help me blog more often.  I mean come on this is, what, 4 posts in 5 days?  Crazy unheard of I know right!

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