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Friday, March 25, 2011

So much for winning the blood pressure battle

Yep you read that right, I'm not winning the blood pressure battle anymore.  In fact as I write this I am in the middle of my 24 hour urine catch and relegated to strict bed rest (as in couch or bed with my feet up and only allowed to get up to pee or get food/water).  Here's what happened.

Yesterday I was feeling a little off at work.  The best way I could describe it was to tell A that I felt like I had taken a vicodin.  Just generally blah.  Very sleepy, and I was having a hard time focusing, and I one point I went to grab my water bottle and my arm felt like it weighed 20 pounds.  We went and got lunch, thinking maybe my blood sugar was low, and after eating I still wasn't feeling great, so I went to have the office nurse take my blood pressure.  Sure enough it was up, 156/94ish.  I called the doctors office, even though I knew my doc was on vacation, and the nurse asked me to lay down and relax while she got in touch with the on call doc.  So I laid down in the nurse's office for an hour and waited for her to call back.  Just before she called, the nurse came to check on me, and my BP was back down to 126/66.  I thought I was going to be good.  The nurse called back told me they wanted me to go home and take it easy and do a 24 hour urine catch (oh yea fun), and to have the nurse take my BP one more time when I stood up.  If it spiked again, I was to be on strict bed rest until results came back Monday, and if it didn't then modified bed rest.  Sure enough, just my luck, it spiked to 146/86 just from standing up and walking out to the main part of the office.  So into the wheelchair I went to be escorted tot he door by the nurse.  A took me to the hospital for my blood draw and to get the stuff I needed for the urine catch and then brought me home and on the couch I plopped for the rest of the afternoon.

I'm feeling a little better today, definitely not as medicine-heady as yesterday, but still a little off.  The little man seems to be just fine.  He's moving around about like usual.  I'm on watch for reduced fetal movement, crazy vision issues, pain, or excessive swelling.  Any of those symptoms will earn me an immediate trip to L&D which of course we don't want yet.

Truth is this is really hard for me.  I hate the though that I am just sitting here while there is still so much I should be doing.  I still have sewing to do, there's laundry to be done, cleaning that needs to happen.  Plus I'm not packed for the hospital, arrangements still need to be made for the dogs, and I don't even want to think about all the stuff at work that isn't ready yet.  I know all this fretting isn't helping the situation any, but I can't help it.  Its my nature to be a worrier, and I HATE not being in control.  I just have to remember to let it go and let A take care of things.  Deep breaths...

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