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Monday, December 21, 2009

I hate all this waiting

Really I just want some answere. Good or bad, I just want to KNOW!.

I realized I never updated after my beta last Wednesday. I was so wrapped up in getting ready for family to come this weekend, I totally forgot to post. BAD BLOGGER! Anyway, my numbers did continue to rise, although again, not as much as they wanted, I was only at a 76. They're concerend about an ectopic now, and sent me more another beta and progesterone test this morning. With all of my other tests I've had a phone call by 10:00 am, some as early as 8:30. I've been at the lab around the same time (give or take 10 minutes) every time. I KNEW there was going to be a problem when the vials didn't have the bright orange STAT labels on them. I asked the nurse if she had them, and she assured me she would put them on, but I'm begining to think she didn't. Either that or my numbers are so screwed up that they don't know what to do with me and are waiting to talk to the Dr. at their noon conference call. I'm seriously hoping for the fomer and fearing the latter.

I really hate waiting.

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