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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

4 days of Craziness

Wow the last 4 days have been INSANE in my world of IF. Here's what's been happening

Friday: Mild cramping, BFN HPT, pretty sure AF will arrive over the weekend. Call Dr. RE's office to find out what they want to do. I'm supposed to have a baseline US on CD 2 and then start meds that night. That might be Sunday, might be Monday, but getting a US appointment can be a pain since I live out of town and have it done locally. Do they want to schedule it for Monday? No if I don't start, they'll charge me for the cancellation if its not at least 2 hours in advance, and when you have the first appt of the morning that's impossible. Nurse says if I start call monday am and they'll try and get me in Monday afternoon somewhere. Calls in prescription, says to start on CD 2 if I start on Saturday.

Saturday: AF shows mid-day, but really light. No usual symptoms, no cramping, no heavy flow..strange.

Sunday: Same as Saturday, very light AF. Take first of 5 doses of meds.

Monday: AF GONE! after 2 days??? Very Strange. Call Dr. RE's office have baseline US scheduled for 1:30 at hospital. Go in, tech is of no help, offers NO information, won't even let me see screen (grrr). Go back to work to wait for phone call. Fast forward to 6pm, still no call from Dr. RE's office. I call after hours line. Since US was at hospital and had to be sent, On-call nurse doesn't have access to it electronically and hasn't seen it. She's concerned that I might be pg...implanting late. Take HPT at home tonight, if negative take meds if comfortable, or wait for US results in morning. HPT is negative after 4 hours holding it. Skip meds anyway, I'm not Taking any chances.

Tuesday AM: Nurse calls, US shows lots of little follicles forming, thin lining. Could have been a fluke, but she still uneasy. Dr. RE calls to check in around noon, she'll check with him. Do nothing until she calls back. He may want to see me when he comes to town (1 hour away instead of 3) tomorrow.

UGH I am freaking a little here!!!

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