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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Officially in the 2ww

We had IUI #2 this morning. Just like last time, A's day 1 numbers were so-so and the day 2 numbers were through the roof. He is apparrantly a 24 hour kinda wonder the everyother day method wasn't working for us! He's totally excited that this means when it comes time for baby #2 eventually we'll be employing the every day method :-D

The CNP who did my procedure was SO excited both about my sono results from Saturday and A's wash results. She even said she didn't think I needed a blood draw on 7dpIUI to check my estrogen since it's always been good! She gave me a hug as we left (which was totally ok because I'm a hugger) and said I'll talk to you in 2 weeks.

Beta is scheduled for December 9th. Let the waiting begin.

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