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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holding Pattern

I am currently in a holding pattern until an ultrasound and blood work tomorrow. Things have been really weird the last week, including AF showing in FULL glory last Friday, a full WEEK after my 2 days of light flow. They had me start the injections Saturday anyway, since another protocal they do does that med day 3-8. I went for my first US and blood work yesterday, and everything is progressing well. I had 2 follicles (16 and 13 mm) on my left side and a 13 on my right side. So we continue 2 more days of meds and go back in the morning. Fingers Crossed.

Unfortunatley, this puts us at probably having the IUI Friday& Saturday or Saturday & Sunday. This totally SUCKS for A because he is a deer hunter and this weekend in First Shotgun season in Illinois. He only gets 7 days a year to shotgun hunt (he bow hunts too, but hasn't had much, ok any, luck yet this year) 3 days in November and 4 in December. And the November is THIS Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There's just no real way for us to make this happen and him go hunt in the am. (For those who don't know, deer hunting is best right at sunrise or the hour before sundown) The RE's office is an hour away, so he HAS to go with to make the "deposit"The time frame is too close in case of traffic or other issues to attempt to do it at home and me go myself. To make it worse, they only do the IUI's in the morning (7, 8, and 9). I feel really bad about it. I gave him a hard time about it a couple weeks ago when I realized that we were going to be close, but I didn't actually think we were going to hit THIS weekend. And now here we are, and I feel like a total @ss.

Why can't our bodies just cooperate???

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