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Thursday, September 3, 2009


Today has been bittersweet. Its my 29th birthday, and I honestly never believed I would make it this far childless. I am officially older than my mom was when she was DONE having kids. ( and she was pg 3 times, 1 mc) Today also marks the 2 year point from when A finally gave in to my prodding for starting.

It was still a good birthday. I got sweet phone calls from all of my family, a really GREAT conversation with my mom (more on that later), and some great Bears gear from A as my gift. Plus a nice dinner out and then a football game tonight. so once I got bast all the milestones this day holds, it was a good day. Hopefully by this time next year I won't be repeating this post, just a lot more forlorn because I'm officially 30!

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